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Rodent Control Starts with a Free Quote

Rodents aren’t just a nuisance, they can also contaminate food, put your family at risk for disease, carry fleas and worms, and even chew through the wiring in your home. If you’ve seen droppings in your cupboards, basement, or attic, or heard a mouse scurrying in your ceiling, below your floorboards or in your wall, it’s time to call your local exterminator. With our mouse and rat control, Sound Pest Control can help you get rid of rodents for good and it all starts with a free quote.


Rodent Control in the Puget Sound

Rodent picking up crumbs

Mice take advantage of holes or gaps in the walls of your home wiggling their way into spaces smaller than the width of a quarter. Once they get into your home, rodents often breed making a small problem worse. Depending on the severity of the infestation, a single rodent control measure may not be effective and our rodent exterminator will need to implement our integrated rodent control program. As part of our rat and mouse control program, our exterminators will eliminate current rodent infestations with trappings and bait, and eliminate future rodent problems by identifying and fixing areas where mice may be getting into your home.


A Trained Team on Your Side

When people see a mouse or rat in their home, they often try to handle it themselves. While many homeowners find success with some DIY rodent control solutions, they are unable to eliminate an entire infestation on their own. A female mouse can give birth 5-10 times per year, and each litter can have between 3-10 mice. That’s a lot of rodents! Our trained rodent exterminators can always inspect your home to figure out how rodents are getting in the first place. The combination of our rodent elimination techniques, and more importantly, rodent prevention means that your home will be rodent free long-term.

Family-Friendly Solutions

Here at Sound Pest Control, we have years of experience handling rodent infestations. We train our exterminators in the best methods of eliminating rodents, and all our procedures are family and environment-friendly. If you need mouse control or rat control, you can trust Sound Pest to eliminate your rodent problems quickly and permanently.


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When you see a mouse or rat in your home you want it gone, fast! Here at Sound Pest Control, we offer quick local service if you call before noon for your comfort and convenience. If you call us before noon, we will get to your house that day and get down to business getting rid of mice in your home. What’s more, we won’t force you into a long-term contract just to take care of your rodent problem! Our rodent extermination professionals are proud to offer rat and mice control solutions to:

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