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Get Rid of Ants for Good!

Once you find ants in your home, it feels like they’ll never leave. Ants will find numerous ways to get inside, and once they’ve entered, they can get into drawers, cabinets, and even find their way into refrigerators! Here at Sound Pest Control, we will eliminate your ant problem once and for all by eliminating entry points and drawing them out of their hiding places.

Our Ant Control Services


When you find a trail of ants in your home, your first step might be DIY treatments found at your local home improvement or grocery store. While these DIY methods may seem appealing at first, many homeowners quickly realize these solutions only provide a temporary fix. When you choose a DIY method, if you’re focusing on symptoms of the problem rather than the root, you might find yourself continuing to treat for ants again, and again, and again.

Due to the sheer number of ants that can be present at any given time, the best way to treat your ant problem is with professional ant control. At Sound Pest Control, our professional ant exterminators know how to treat the source of your problem, leaving your home ant-free! Not only will we treat ants in your home, but, for full protection, we will also seal the exterior of your home against these clever critters so they aren’t able to get back inside. Our professional ant control seals gaps and cracks in walls, gaps in foundations, broken window seals, and other entry points to guard your home against ants.

And as if that is not enough, we utilized family-friendly products and methods so you never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones during the treatment process!

When you partner with us for ant control, we will:

  • Inspect your home to uncover the extent of your infestation and any potential entry points
  • Exterminate ants inside your home
  • Protect your home from future infestations
  • Answer all of your questions with expert advice gained from years of experience
  • Use family-friendly products and methods for your family and pets safety

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Enjoy Same-Day Service

When you see one ant in your home, there is no telling how many others are already inside, eating your food. Most ant control problems are serious, so when you see ants in your home, you need help -- and fast. We understand that no one can predict when an ant infestation is going to occur, so to help our customers feel safe and secure in their homes at all times, we are pleased to offer same day services. If you call us before noon, we will get to your home and eliminate ants before the end of the day. Our team of pest control exterminators proudly offer our ant control services in:

Full Protection Against All Ant Varieties

Understanding the species of ants affecting your home is vital for effective treatment. Here at Sound Pest Control, we target our treatments according to the specific type of ants to ensure your home is treated properly. While household ants are annoying, most homeowners are more concerned about Carpenter Ants.

Carpenter Ants are large in size, measuring from 6 to 13 mm (1/4'' to 1/2") in length, while the queen may be more than 25 mm (1'') long. In late spring and early summer, mature carpenter ant colonies produce winged adults. These swarm in mating flights, and then to be a nuisance around homes at these times. Inside, they make their nests in hollow doors, wood cabinets near dishwashers, in damp locations behind baseboards, fireplaces, window frames, and in basements and attics.

When Carpenter Ants leave their nest in search for food in your home, they chew their way through the wood of your home leaving behind a trail of particles resembling sawdust. These ants have a tendency to nest in the depths of your home, which means that it often takes a professional exterminator to effectively find and eliminate the colonies. If you have seen an abnormally large ant in your home, contact Sound Pest about a free home inspection.

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Take Back Your Home Today

Ants can make your kitchen feel dirty and unsanitary. Not to mention, if ants can get inside, then what is stopping other pests from making their way in as well. When you partner up with Sound Pest Control for your ant control we will put your mind at ease by sealing up your homes entry points to ensure ants do not return. We also provide a complimentary 360 home inspection that will allow technicians to identify and provide treatment recommendations to get rid of and prevent all other types of pests from invading your home.

Are you ready to get rid of ants for good?

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