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Get $30 off Pest Control in Bainbridge Island

Finding pests in your home can be a highly stressful experience. Household pests carry a variety of diseases and can destroy parts of your home. Fortunately, at Sound Pest Control, we offer recurring pest control in Bainbridge Island to keep your home pest-free long-term!


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No Contracts

We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our pest control services, which is why we don’t require monthly contracts with our services.

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Quick & Effective Service

When you have pests, the sooner they’re gone, the better. At Sound Pest, we offer quick local service if you call before noon, quickly restoring your home and peace of mind!

They showed up right away and set us on a treatment program. All my tenants are happy now. Big Thanks to Sound Pest Control!


Pest Control in Bainbridge Island

At Sound Pest Control, our pest control exterminators are some of the best in the business. Not only do we hire experienced pest exterminators, but we also put them through annual, rigorous training that keeps them up-to-date on industry trends, methods, and safety tips. As part of our commitment to our customers, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have about our treatment methods, how pests are getting into your home, and what you should do to make it so pests aren’t attracted to your house.

Our exterminators in Bainbridge Island protect you from:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Bed bugs
  • Carpenter ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • And more!

Save $30 on Custom Pest Control

At Sound Pest Control, we work hard to deliver top-quality service. Our expertly trained exterminators create custom treatment plans that are designed to individually treat the pest infestations affecting your home. Our custom pest control also offers long-term protection by providing you with effective preventative methods.

Our pest control services in Bainbridge Island include:

  • A free inspection of your property.
  • Our guarantee that we will exterminate every pest inside your home.
  • Exclusion methods and treatments to prevent pests from getting inside.
  • Our promise to only use EPA-approved products to treat your home.

Quick Local Services Available!

That’s right, today! We don’t want families to suffer from a pest infestation, so we offer local service. If you call us before noon, we will come to your home, exterminate any pests, and provide peace of mind so you can rest easy that night. When you choose Sound Pest Control to service your Bainbridge Island home, we will exterminate:

  • Roaches
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Odorous House Ants (sugar ants)
  • And more!

Pest Control for Your Convenience

We don’t want families to suffer any longer than they have to from a pest infestation. We offer quick service to help you get the fast relief you deserve. 

Get $30 Off Now

Rodent Control in Bainbridge Island 

Rodents can cause a variety of issues once they’ve made their way into your home. From damage to disease, rodents are never ideal guests. At Sound Pest Control, our expert exterminators in Bainbridge Island have the training and the knowledge to eliminate current rodent infestations and prevent future ones!

Our Rodent Extermination Process

Our rodent control in Bainbridge Island includes:

  • A free, thorough inspection of your home to evaluate the severity of your infestation and identify potential points of entry.
  • A custom treatment plan that fits your budget and best eliminates your current rodent infestation. 
  • Eco-friendly rodent treatments that are safe for your family and home.
  • Total rodent elimination with bait stations and traps.
  • Effective rodent exclusion, which entails sealing off all entryways.


The Dangers of Rodents in Your Home

Rodents reproduce and multiply quickly, so when you see one, you can almost always bet there are more in hiding. When you see a rodent, such as a mouse or rat, it’s important to act fast! Rodents like to chew through wires, insulation, wood, and furniture. Their unrelenting gnawing on almost anything can cause major structural damage leading to costly repairs and even fires. Not only can rodents put your home at risk, but also your loved one’s safety, too.

Apart from physical damage, rodents also present a clear danger for your loved ones: disease. Both mice and rats are known to carry harmful and sometimes deadly diseases that can be transmitted to your family and pets. In many cases, it isn’t physical contact with a rodent that transmits the disease. Diseases are often transmitted through the tiny droppings rodents leave behind.

Some diseases most commonly associated with rodents include:

  • Bubonic Plague, a disease that wiped out nearly half of Europe, Asia, and Africa in the middle ages transmitted through the fleas that feed on rats.
  • Hantavirus, a potentially fatal disease transmitted through the droppings of rodents.
  • Rat Bite Fever, which can cause vomiting, rash, and painful inflammation of joints. 
  • Leptospirosis, a very painful illness that can cause bleeding in the lungs.

Ant Control in Bainbridge

If you notice a streaming trail of ants inside your home, it’s important to quickly address your ant problem. While you may notice just a few ants, there could be thousands more hiding inside your walls. Ants like odorous house ants may seem harmless, but some ant species can destroy your home’s structure over time, such as carpenter ants. Luckily, our ant exterminators are trained with the best techniques to ensure quick relief and long-term prevention!

When you partner with us for ant control in Bainbridge Island, we will:

  • Conduct a free inspection of your home.
  • Eliminate the existing ants inside your home. 
  • Use family- and pet-friendly ant treatments to keep your loved ones safe while simultaneously eliminating ants. 
  • Protect the perimeter of your home long-term by effectively treating the exterior.


Stop Costly Ants in Their Tracks

Ants are notoriously known for invading homes in search of sources of food and shelter. There are 2 common ants in Washington state. Don’t let your home be their next target! There’s never just one ant, and their colonies can host numbers of over 10,000 ants. These colonies will raid your pantry and refrigerator looking for sweet treats. Not only will ants raise your grocery bill, but some ant species can chew through wood and cause extensive damage to your home. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are among the largest species of ants and reside in moist, decaying, or hollow wood. The Washington climate makes Bainbridge Island the perfect home for Carpenter Ants. In the late spring and summer, Carpenter Ants produce winged adults. These winged Carpenter Ants are extremely bothersome and can get into the hidden places of your home. These tricky ants leave trails of sawdust and will create a hefty repair bill. Hiding deep inside your walls, Carpenter Ants require professional ant exterminators and their tools to completely eliminate their existence from your home. 

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants, or Sugar Ants, quickly become a nuisance when they find a sweet treat in your home. They’re attracted to spills, crumbs, and food containers. Due to their nocturnal nature, it can be extremely difficult to locate where their nest is located in your home. They track bacteria through your home and onto the food that they find. 

Although Carpenter Ants and Odorous House Ants are the most common ants in Bainbridge Island, we treat all forms of ant infestations!

Eliminate Ants the First Time

When dealing with ants, it’s important to keep in mind that elimination and prevention are equally important. Our professional team will not only get rid of the current ants that have overtaken your home but also will keep any more ants from moving in. 

Our family-friendly products are guaranteed to work quickly and efficiently against your uninvited guests. We provide a complimentary, 360 degree, home inspection to identify and give our expert recommendation to manage any potential pest problems. 

Bed Bug Treatment in Bainbridge Island

Sleep is important to your mental and physical well-being, productivity, and happiness. Unfortunately, nothing can ruin a great night’s sleep like bed bugs. Instead of losing the rest and comfort that you deserve, rely on Sound Pest treatment to eradicate your bed bug infestation. 

Save $100 on Family-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are a pest that can be difficult to eliminate on your own because they multiply and spread so quickly. Instead of fighting them on your own, trust our professional bed bug exterminators to help! We have the expertise to eradicate bed bugs fast. With our thorough, eco-friendly service, you’re guaranteed to get the peace of mind you deserve!

When you contact us for bed bug treatment in Bainbridge Island, you will receive:

  • A free bed bug inspection of your home, performed by one of our trained bed bug exterminators in Bainbridge Island.
  • A custom treatment plan that is tailored to your home’s specific needs. 
  • A variety of bed bug treatment options from traps to steam, heat, or chemical treatments. 
  • Family-friendly bed bug treatments that eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life.
  • Preventative bed bug treatments to keep bed bugs from returning to your home.

Save $100 on Bed Bug Treatment!

Mole Control in Bainbridge Island

Moles are small creatures that invade lawns in search of grubs, earthworms, and other lawn pests. In the process of searching for food to eat, moles can do extensive damage to the overall health and appearance of your turf. Fortunately, we offer professional mole control in Bainbridge Island to quickly and safely remove all moles from your property, so you can rest easy knowing your lawn is safe and secure against these destructive pests. 

When you partner with us for mole control in Bainbridge Island, we will:

  • Send a professional mole exterminator to your home.
  • Inspect your lawn for free to assess the severity of your infestation.
  • Develop a custom treatment plan to remove moles for good.
  • Use eco-friendly solutions to completely get rid of moles, never relying on harmful rodenticides or chemical repellents for mole removal.

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Eco-Friendly Yard Mole Removal You Can Trust

Here at Sound Pest Control, our top priority is the safety of your family and our planet. Unlike companies that use damaging rodenticides or chemical repellents, our solution for mole control in Bainbridge Island is entirely eco-friendly. We rely on carbon monoxide to exterminate moles quickly and efficiently. We are proud to offer solutions that will provide yard mole removal while preserving your peace of mind. 

Stop Pests From Getting Inside!

The best way to stop pests from bothering your family is to stop them from getting inside in the first place. Here in the Pacific Northwest, every season brings a new cause for concern. Pests want dry homes during our rainy winter, and over the summer pests are searching for a cool place to live, out of the sun. Let the professionals at Sound Pest Control help you enjoy your home, all-year-round, pest-free!

Keep your home pest-free all year long.

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