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Save $100 on Your Bed Bug Treatment

Have bed bugs invaded your home? Then you need Sound Pest Control! We're now offering $100 off your treatment so you can save money while sleeping better.

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Bed Bug Treatments in the Puget Sound

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A bed bug problem isn’t just an annoyance that causes you to lose sleep—these blood-sucking insects can pose a health risk to your family and pets! Bed bugs cause itchy bites and welts on your skin that can get infected or cause allergic reactions. Call Sound Pest Control when you discover the first signs of an infestation so we can stop them in their tracks!

Effective Treatments for Immediate Relief

When you partner with us for bed bug control, our exterminators will:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of your home—including couches and mattresses—to detect any signs of the insects' activity.
  • Create a custom treatment plan based on your needs and the findings of our inspection.
  • Keep you updated on any and all treatments being performed in your home.
  • Use family-friendly treatments to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Eradicate bed bugs in every life stage—including eggs.  
  • Implement preventative measures to ensure the critters don't return to your home!

If bed bugs are keeping you up at night, give us a call today at 360-698-2658!

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Get Service within 48 Hours

If you’ve been suffering from an infestation, you want them out as quickly as possible. When you partner with us for bed bug removal, our expert exterminators will be at your home to provide you with a free basic home inspection within 24 hours. Full home inspections are also available for purchase. If we discover bed bugs, we will pinpoint where they are in your home and develop a treatment plan based on your specific problem.

Continuous Training for Expert Service

We continually train our bed bug exterminators on the latest advances in the industry, so you can rest assured knowing that we are using the best methods for extermination. Some of our treatments include:

  • Family-friendly steam and heat treatments
  • Affordable chemical treatments
  • Effective bed bug traps

One Effective Treatment You Can Count On

Our in-depth inspections will save you money, time, and provide you with the relief you need. Don’t deplete your resources by paying for multiple services and inspections with the other guys, trust Sound Pest to give you the guidance you need to get bed bugs out once and for all.

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Areas We Service in the Puget Sound

Our friendly bed bug exterminators proudly offer our wide variety of bed bug removal services to neighborhoods throughout the Puget Sound, including:

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