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Ants Don’t Stand a Chance

We know how quickly ants can take away the sanctity of your home. Our Bainbridge Island Ant Control will quickly eliminate ants from the inside out, allowing your to find peace in your home once again!


No Contracts

We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our pest control services, which is why we don’t require monthly contracts with our services.

Same Day Service

When you have pests, the sooner they’re gone, the better. At Sound Pest, we offer same day service, quickly restoring your home and peace of mind!

They showed up right away and set us on a treatment program. All my tenants are happy now. Big Thanks to Sound Pest Control!


Ant Control in Bainbridge Island

Where there’s one ant, there’s hundreds or thousands more. If you have ants inside your home, It’s critical to quickly address your ant control problem. Our technicians at Sound Pest Control are trained in the best techniques to ensure that your ant problem is fixed permanently. 

Although ants can hide away in small cracks and crevices around your home, they can’t hide from our team. Our same day service will get your ants out by:

  • Conducting a FREE inspection of your home, identifying points-of-entry around your property.
  • Eliminating the existing ants inside your home. We use family and pet-friendly treatments to keep your loved ones safe while simultaneously killing ants. 
  • Protecting the perimeter of your home. Treating the outside of your home is a crucial step in ensuring that ants can’t make their way back into your home.
  • Answering your questions. As experts in pest control, we have the answers and advice you need to make sure you have the knowledge to make your home less inviting for pests like ants. 

Stop Costly Ants in Their Tracks

Ants are notoriously known for invading homes in search of sources of food and shelter. Don’t let your home be their next target! There’s never just one ant, and their colonies can host numbers of over 10,000 ants. These colonies will raid your pantry and refrigerator looking for sweet treats. Not only will ants raise your grocery bill, but some ant species can chew through wood and cause extensive damage to your home. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are among the largest species of ants and reside in moist, decaying, or hollow wood. The Washington climate makes Bainbridge Island the perfect home for Carpenter Ants. In the late spring and summer, Carpenter Ants produce winged adults. These winged Carpenter Ants are extremely bothersome and can get into the hidden places of your home. These tricky ants leave trails of sawdust and will create a hefty repair bill. Hiding deep inside your walls, Carpenter Ants require professional ant exterminators and their tools to completely eliminate their existence from your home. 

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants, or Sugar Ants, quickly become a nuisance when they find a sweet treat in your home. They’re attracted to spills, crumbs, and food containers. Due to their nocturnal nature, it can be extremely difficult to locate where their nest is located in your home. They track bacteria through your home and onto the food that they find. 

Although Carpenter Ants and Odorous House Ants are the most common ants in Bainbridge Island, we treat all forms of ant infestations!

Eliminate Ants the First Time

When dealing with ants, it’s important to keep in mind that elimination and prevention are equally important. Our professional team will not only get rid of the current ants that have overtaken your home, but also will keep anymore ants from moving in. 

Our family-friendly products are guaranteed to work quickly and efficiently against your uninvited guests. We provide a complimentary 360 degree home inspection to identify and give our expert recommendation to manage any potential pest problems. 

Experienced Technicians

Here at Sound Pest Control, we do things differently. Our priority is the safety and well-being of your family and home. 

  • Our team of experts are trained with the newest technology. 
  • We only use EPA approved, family-friendly pest control solutions.
  • Same-day service, no contracts necessary.
  • Our promise of top-notch services, guaranteed.

If you’re ready to enjoy a home that is free of dangerous and costly ants, give Sound Pest a call! We answer our phones 24/7!

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